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Review: Legacy of the Hanging Judge, Salem MA (5 stars)

Review: Haunted Harbor Cruise, Salem, MA (3.5 stars)

Review: Field of Screams, West Greenwich, RI (3.5 stars)

Review: 13 Nights at Jiminy Peak, Hancock MA (4 stars)

Review: Ghoulie Manor, Taunton MA (4.5 stars)

Review: The Roger Williams Park Zoo Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular, Providence, RI (4.5 stars)

Review: Dark Manor, Baltic CT (3.5 stars)

Review: The Haunted Graveyard, Bristol CT (5 stars)

Review: The Zombie Walk Hunt of the Undead, Lee NH (4.5 stars)

Review: Haunted Overload, Lee NH (5 stars)

Review: Harvest of Horror at Chamingfare Farm, Candia NH (3.5 stars for adults, 4.5 for children)

Review: Fright Kingdom, Nashua, NH (4.5 stars)

Review: Canobie Lake Park Screeemfest, Salem, NH (5 stars)

The Graveyard of the Damned was a cemetery walk that was solid but slightly less interesting.

Review: Spooky World presents Nightmare New England, Litchfield, NH (4 stars)

Theatre On Fire’s ‘It Felt Empty’ A Moving Experience (4.5 Stars)

New Rep’s ‘Assassins’ Is A Twisted Joy (4.5 Stars)

Emerson Presents Powerful, Touching ‘Angels in America: Perestroika’ (4 Stars)

The play begins with a lot of characters talking over each other, and seems rather hard to follow, but it’s best to just let the words flow over you and help transport you into the world of the play. As it continues, the characters become more clearly delineated, and the plot clarifies. The play starts out fairly realistic/surrealistic, and veers toward farce at the end as the action comes to a head. Each actor plays two characters, which also seems a bit confusing but becomes more clear as the play progresses. Liz Adams does a great job, and has a lot of the heavy lifting for the play, as Medea/Daughter. Her characters drive a lot of the plot, and is onstage almost the entire time. Tim Hoover plays Orpheus with just the right amount of rock star attitude. Daniel Boudreau is a real standout, with his understated, but very genuine portrayal of Peleus. He doesn’t have a lot of action in the play, but is compelling every time he takes the stage. The rest of the cast does a great job with the material, but the whole performance felt a bit under-rehearsed. Some of the transitions needed tightening, and it felt as though the actors were occasionally grasping for lines. This being their first performance, I expect these bumps to be smoothed out over the next few performances.

Events INSIDER: Oct 6-14, 2014

Sea Change’s ‘Hamlet’ A Ghost Story for October (3.5 Stars)

‘Traces’ Is An Urban Cirque du Soleil (4.5 Stars)

Travelogue: The Kansas City Renaissance Festival

Travelogue: The Well-Tended Powell Gardens

Events INSIDER: Sep 29-Oct 7, 2014

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